The Bellavita

When it comes to bed designs, the Italians seem to never run out of ways to innovate it. Take for instance this Bellavita bed, which is hardly what you would call traditional.


The bed looks as if it’s all just a bunch of big pillows, with the headboard also designed in foam. These foams are seamless, but quilted, so that it keeps the form together despite the absence of actual, solid metal or wood frames. Thick upholstery serves as an added layer that protects what’s inside. But at the same time, it also lends an aesthetic appeal to the design as it can be made into different colors.

Simply plop your mattress atop the Bellavita bed. This works really well for a minimalist and contemporary bedroom. But because of the size of the upholstered frame, including the headboards, this will probably look best in a spacious place.

The Bellavita is designed by Alberta Salotti, and you can see all of the designers other creation on the official website.

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