Privacy Pop Bed Tent

Going camping soon? One of the things that’s inconvenient about sleeping outdoors on a tent is that the setting of the bed is too low on the ground. Well, the idea of camping is in roughing it, but perhaps you’re the type who wants to take it up a notch and provide for a better sleeping arrangement. This bed tent can give you that comfort and convenience you’re yearning for when you’re camping outdoors.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 3.40.52 PM

Designed to be light weight, easy to carry, set up or take down, this bed comes with an innovative mesh and zip window that protects you when you’re outdoors and also helps you sleep in a more private manner. Like a regular bed, it is raised to the ground, which makes it so much more better to sleep on. The set up is constructed with water proof materials.

Worry about transporting this? This is actually not bulky and comes with its own compact bag. The bed tent even has an electric port opening, so that cords from cellphones or laptops won’t be tangled. Basically, you can also use this indoors. Wouldn’t the kids love to have a bed as different as this one!

You can get this from Amazon.

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