Pallet Bed: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Designers regard the pallet bed frame as a cheaper alternative to an actual bed frame. A pallet is normally made up of wood planks and used as a wooden carrier. It’s mostly found wherever there are cargos and basically, you only need to recycle these wooden planks to use for the bed. If you’re tight on the budget and unable to buy actual furniture, or if you have little design knowledge and creative output, the pallet would be convenient to use because you can simply just prop up a mattress over it.

Take a look at some of these ideas for how to make use of the pallet as a bed frame. It does bring a contemporary vibe to a room, doesn’t it?

pallet 1

pallet 2

The pallet, however, while simple and beautiful to have in the bedroom, has some disadvantages.

First, because these wooden planks are recycled and rescued, it’s possible that they are not free from wastes and toxins like vermin droppings. They could already be home to a number of E.coli bacteria and fungus that can only be seen through a microscope or a similar device.

Second, some of these pallets are more than likely engineered wood and not exactly raw wood. Which means that they may contain chemical compounds like formaldehyde. It wouldn’t be a good idea to set your mattress over this then.

Considerations in using a pallet bed frame should be studied a great deal, especially if this bed is going to be in a child’s room. Before you set out to recycle these, make sure that the pallet isn’t chemically manufactured, or there are no insect remains on it. This means, that you should really know where the wood comes from and where the pallet was used before it was disposed. A simple sanding and washing will reveal if the pallet is good to recycle.

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