My First Bed from Silentnight

For a fleeting moment, I had fun doing this one and created a child’s first bed on this website: Create your child’s first bed! The end product? It’s this:

I think it’s a really fun way to introduce your little children to the concept of sleeping in their own grown-up (sort of) bed.

This bed features the Miracoil Spring System which ensures total support whatever size and weight the sleepers are. This innovative childrens bed will appeal to children, probably up to the age of about 10. You can choose the colour of the base and headboard to match your childs bedroom decor. You can also choose the feet of the bed and the play pal (the headboard accessory) to match your childs imagination. It is available with a sleepover option or storage option. When choosing the sleepover option the mattress can be moved and used as a bed and the base also can be slept on as it is fully sprung and supportive. The storage option is supplied with two large drawers on wheels which fit under the bed. Available in 3′0″ single size only.

Via Bedreview

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