Mixed Martial Arts Caged Bed

Do you have young boys in the house and are they into sports? If they love Mixed Martial Arts, you can probably ditch the usual bunk bed and instead have this MMA Caged Bed installed.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 11.45.26 AM

It may sound a bit dangerous, but young boys need to learn to grow up as tough men and this bed could help become a motivator. Unleash the warrior in them with this realistic inception. The boys will probably spend time playing on the bed. But if you’re the type to encourage that in the home, they will be in for so much fun!

But they can also go to sleep daydreaming about being strong mixed martial artists on this unusual bed. It is designed with actual fencing and stairs, much like the MMA cage. The fencing works as railing for the foam cushion. The fabric on the foam cushion can be engraved with any name. The bed fits a standard twin mattress 39” x 75”.

This MMA bed is coated with flat black paint and polycyclic clear satin finish.

You can get this from All Star Sports Furniture.

Photo is also from the All Star Sports Furniture site.

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