Finding the Best Pet Bed Frame

Pet owners most often think that a pet mattress or cushion is enough to serve as a pet bed. But there are undoubtedly some cats or dogs who do not prefer these and instead sleep on the master’s bed. Pets also look for comfort in their sleeping space (and you think this only applies to humans, huh?) and one way to achieve this is to set a pet’s bed up with a good pet bed frame.

As with any typical bed frame, you can just easily put the mattress on top and have a special bed for your dog or cat instantly. But like shopping for your own bed, you have to choose the bed frame conscientiously.

  • Consider the weight of your pet against the frame you intend to buy.
  • If you have an existing pet mattress, look for a pet bed frame that can fit into it perfectly. You know it’s a good fit when the mattress doesn’t fold or squeeze at the sides (too small), or there is no gap in the bed base (too big).
  • Consider the design vis a vis your pet’s age. The older ones will do better sleeping on a raised bed, actually. As with humans, they should not have any difficulty getting up from their bed if this is slightly raised from the floor.

Photo via WildBlue Holdings

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