Elevator Beds As A Space-Saving Cooler Option


Those who live in the city may have all the conveniences and perks of living in the hustle and bustle. But many city dwellers always have to contend with problems with space, particularly the lack of it. And this is what Espacce Loggia, an Italian furniture maker, has envisioned when the company decided to create a series of mobile beds.

These beds perform multifunctional tasks, as they are not just sleeping space options, they can also accommodate more space, thus providing more convenience for a small bedroom.

The beds are designed, through the help of electrical support beams, to rise up and level down as needed. On days when they are not in use, these beds can be slowly tucked away from view, revealing other furniture and items in the room.

The company’s futuristic bedding solution is controlled by remote, and is an updated version of the 1960’s Murphy Bed. The price may be a bit steep compared to buying a conventional mattress. But in a house where space is a problem, this will turn out to be a practical solution.

You can check more of Espacce Loggia’s bedding solutions here.

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