Chic Evening Breeze Canopy Bed

Without the canopy hovering on top of the mattress, this bed would probably just like any other bed. However, there’s a reason why the canopy is there, as it is designed to adjust the temparature around the area, providing an ideal sleeping space. The canopy is, in fact, a ventilating system that is controlled by a remote. It is especially helpful for those living under unpredictable weather conditions where the heat or cold can be so unbearable. The canopy produces no draft and it is energy efficient, much like how a ventilator works, but probably better.

I do wonder, though, if the canopy can be sold separately and if the consumer can just use an existing bed, especially since the whole thing is controlled from just the canopy.

Would you be interested to use this product?

This canopy is developed by designers based in Netherlands.


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