Bed Designed With Stones

From the Originals, a collection by Noctis, a furniture store in Italy, comes this imaginative bed that is designed with stones at the headboard. But make no mistake, these are not real rough and hard stones. The pieces are actually soft and made of faux leather material. The idea, however, creates a design illusion that makes this bedroom quite the art piece.



The Stone Bed comes in multiple colors to complement the different tastes of its users.  The faux leather material extends all the way to the frame and the sides of the bed, giving it a unified look. The way to display this bed is to use a contrasting color for the bedding, so that the headboard actually stands out and becomes the focal point.

It is definitely going to make the Master’s bedroom a lot more interesting, with the “stones” maintaining a cozy feel.

Learn more about it at Noctis.

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