Hello Kitty Bed

You can either view this bed as something that’s adorably quirky but fit for a girl’s room, or as a creepy furniture to sleep in with this huge kitty head by the headboard. But obviously, this bed was designed for someone who is a big fan of the Sanrio character. Which is more likely little girls who will think it would be pretty awesome to have a huge Hello Kitty head in the room.


The Hello Kitty bed is a twin sized mattress that has been designed to follow all safety guidelines for kids. The mattress itself, and the Sanrio head, is made of microfiber through and through. The thing is covered in hypoallergenic cotton material, and there are no metals nor wood on the frames, so as not to cause any injuries.

Measuring at 83″ x 52″ x 46″, this bed is truly a fixture a small girl will want for her room.

You can purchase this at Incredibeds.

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