Yulex Bio-Latex™ Mattress Collection

Pure LatexBLISS introduces its new line of mattress called the Yulex Collection at the Las Vegas Furniture Market this week.

The collection includes items that are made from renewable biomaterials grown in America. It makes use of guayule, found mostly in the Southwestern parts, in the manufacture of the mattresses. This material apparently provides what is essentially most in demand with mattresses: elastic, but soft and durable.

The company is producing this in line with an agricultural company in Arizona.

In a press release, Pure LatexBLiss chief says:

“With our Yulex Collection, there aren’t any trade-offs for selecting a product that is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. That is truly ground-breaking. Typically when buying a ‘green’ mattress, there’s a trade-off – the fabrics are stiff and the upholstery isn’t as responsive. However, this collection marks a new standard in eco-luxury. It has the Pure LatexBLISS signature feel our retail partners expect. This technology has never been used before in the sleep products industry and it will serve as a great differentiator for our customers,”

The collection will feature three different models of mattresses and two different types of pillows.

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