Why It’s Better To Use Organic Bedding For Babies

The coming of a new baby demands a lot of preparation time. And as far as bedding is concerned, parents need to gather information about the product first before purchasing anything. This decision is just as important as any other decisions to make for the baby’s well-being. Providing proper bedding for your child prevents a lot of sickness and accidents, including infant death.

SID or sudden infant death, while isolated, can be disheartening. Studies have shown, time and again that there seems to be a link between SID and baby bedding. Overcrowding the crib, for one thing, is a prime cause. When there’s too much mattress covers, pillows and blankets on the baby’s crib, these tend to suffocate the baby while sleeping. It may also sink him down and put him in an uncompromising position where he can hurt himself.

Additionally, the kind of baby bedding parents provide is an important choice. Mattresses that are organically processed,  or free of chemicals when manufactured, are the only recommended ones to use around the baby.  Using this eliminates exposure to toxins and hazardous chemicals that could cause skin irritation, eye infection, or worse, infant death. The same goes for blankets, sheets and pillow cases. You can only use organic for these.

Some of the recommended organic stores by parents include:

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