Tranquility Crib Mattress

Featuring organic cotton layers, balanced gauge coils and full perimeter border wire, this baby mattress assures your child of the best and most restful sleep.

The mattress comes with the following myriad of features:

•Top inside layer is Serta Fireblocker, providing gentle sleeping and safety using exclusive material. Cotton blend top layer ensures extra comfort.
•Dual Sided – Stage 1 for baby’s slumber and Stage 2 for an active toddler
•Stage 1 Infant Side provides a safe, eco-friendly sleeping environment through a layer of ortho-insulator and a layer of organic cotton
•Stage 2 Toddler Side provides a safe, eco-friendly sleeping environment through two layers of organic cotton.
•Flex mesh support prevents the loss of cushioning.
•Additional support provided by organic cotton layers for a safe, eco-friendly sleeping surface.
•8 Mattress vents to keep sleeping environment fresh with natural air circulation.
•Balanced support from full perimeter border wire for firm edges when baby is standing.
•4 side flex clips and 4 corner supports for added firmness.
•Security of edges assured by heavy duty cloth binding with lock stitching. This is stronger than vinyl. Lock stitching prevents the entire binding from unraveling if any threads become loose.

You can get this from Diapers.

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