NaturePedic Releases Recyclable Flame-Retardant Mattress

NaturePedic, a manufacturer of  crib mattresses and other baby bedding needs, is releasing a new collection called “Lullaby Earth”, which is dubbed as the first recyclable mattress that requires no flame barrier.

The mattress, according to its press release, is mostly made of polyethylene foam, and does not come with high heat release. It’s property is compared to a wax candle that inhibits the flame, not spreading it. Hence the mattress does not require any fire-retardant treatments.

Weighing about seven pounds, the mattress is expected to retail at $149, and comes with a firm and seamless surface. The edges are well-supported and its waterproof. It is also GreenGuard certified.

The Lullaby Earth is also fully recyclable at the end of its life, though Cik acknowledged that recycling facilities do not exist today that will accept consumer items like mattresses.

One of its other beneficial feature is that it is also fully recyclable when it is already used up, in about a decade or so.

You can check for more info about this mattress at NaturePedic.

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