3 Things To Consider When Buying A Crib Mattress

In the market for a crib mattress? Here are some things you must know before you set out and buy one….

First, crib mattresses usually come in two types — foam mattress and innerspring mattress. Of the two, the foam mattress are more affordable and lighter.

FOAM MATTRESSES. If you’re picking out foam mattresses, take note that higher density foam are more comfortable. Density, unfortunately, isn’t listed in the packaging or the label. You can usually only see the thickness (in inches) but that doesn’t indicate density. However, don’t pick out a mattress that is far to heavy, because it would be a hassle when you lift it as you change the crib sheets.

It’s good to test the mattress for resiliency. To do this, try pushing the mattress down with your palm. If the foam bounces back faster, then it’s a good fit for babies. Remember that with babies lying on their back or on their stomach all the time, they can easily be engulfed by it, which can be dangerous when it’s not that resilient.

INNERSPRING MATTRESSES. The firmness of an innerspring mattress depends on the number of coils, and between this and a foam mattress, innersprings are more durable. It’s recommended to get innerspring crib mattresses with 135 to 150 coils in them. This is usually indicated on the label or product description, so it’s easier to pick out.

Second, materials matter a lot to baby mattresses, because some can be toxic or cause irritation to a babies sensitive skin. Because of this, considering to get an organic mattress, instead of a traditional mattress, lessens the chance of the baby getting skin rashes and other irritations, or develop asthma because of the mattress she is sleeping on. In other words, if you’re looking for a mattress that’s healthier for babies to use, going organic is the better choice.

Third, while buying second hand mattress is a lot cheaper, be aware that this is the one thing you should never get your babies. A used mattress may induce disease and worse, cause death, because of all the toxic substances that has already seeped through it. It may not be a wise investment after all.

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