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Ethan Allen Twin-to-Full Extension Kit for Dylan Bunk Bed

A house with kids in transition, sleeping from the crib to an actual bed, will do well with a bed convertible like this piece from Ethan Allen.

The bottom bunk to this bed can be adjusted to become a full-sized sleeping space for the child, with the bed serving him well up to his teenage years. Additionally, the bottom bunk has extended legs, support rails and brackets, as well as additional hardware to complete the transformation of the bed.

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The Bird’s Nest

Would you sleep in a bed like this?

Looks mighty fun isn’t it? Not quite sure how comfortable the big orange and ecru pillows are but I’m loving the wide space of this bed. Obviously, it’s inspired from a bird’s nest. If birds are comfortable with a sleeping space like this, I guess it can work with people.

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If I were a kid, I’d want this bed

Because it would be so much fun to sleep in a bed like this one…

It’s like sleeping inside the pages of a giant book…

Which is really the idea, hence it would work for children!

Designed by Japanese artist Yusuke Suzuki, this bed is a “book bed” a futon or low level bed with actual giant pages you can turn and drawings you can marvel at. I’m not sure if the drawings are bed accessories too, but the rainbow, sun and trees would make great pillows.

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Stork Craft Soom Soom Toddler Bed

A sleigh designed toddler bed, this can be first used as a transition bed from the crib. The railings make it possible for younger children to feel comfortable in it, before finally growing into their own big bed.

Great looking sleigh design toddler bed Uses standard crib mattress Easy to assemble Made of solid wood and wood products Comes with guard rail/safety rail, accommodates up to 50 pounds
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Backyardigans Toddler Bedding

This, I’m sure, is very in demand among parents with toddlers.

Bedtime because fun and it’s easier to let kids sleep if they have something on the bed which they really like, such as this character from Backyardigan, a children’s show.