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Washable Wool Mattress Pad by Sleep & Beyond

A good way of adding comfort to your sleep is to put a mattress pad over your already existing one. This wool pad from Sleep & Beyond is made more convenient because it can be washed for as many times as you want, while its quality and comfort remain intact.

The pad is made of Shropshire washable wool, a premium choice for washable bedding. The thread count is 300 and the mattress pad comes with straps that can be attached and fitted perfectly. The fabric feels natural and cool under the skin.

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The Natural Mat Top Mattress

Instantly turn your baby’s crib mattress into an organic sanctuary by adding this top mattress from Natural Mat. What this is, is basically a mattress topper for the crib, which you can put in between the mattress and the baby’s sheet.

The Top Mat is made of two layers of organic lambswool. It is breathable and provides the crib with good ventilation. The mattress topper has also been treated with lavender, lemon and eucalyptus essential oils for protection against dust mites and bed bugs, as well as allergens.

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Why It’s Good To Have Organic Beds for Pets

Caring for dogs over the years has evolved into a different lifestyle. People now take extra measures to give the best to their furry pets, many of them treating theirs like their own kids. As a pet-mom myself, I’ve seen a good number of pet beds. Some of these are quite pricey and are truly made of high quality materials. If you aren’t sympathetic to pets, you would think this is a luxury, given that some people can’t even sleep in good beds. But if you are a pet lover, you would understand why a good bed is a necessity.