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Aerus Natural Memory Foam

Offering cool, luxurious sleep, this mattress has Aerus superior air flow system. It is of open cell constuction, allowing a more efficient flow of air better than any other type of visco elastic mattress. Heat dissapates and coolness overcomes the sleep area, thus allowing for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

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Ecowool Mattress Top and Pads

An organically grown wool mattress topper, this is about 2.5″ inches only and feels really soft like a cloud. The mattress topper provides an extra layer of luxurious comfort. It is made of soft virgin wool that helps with body temperature, perspiration and all those warm sleepless night you could get from sleeping in synthetic fabric.

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Organic Natural Latex Mattress Pad

Here’s another organic latex mattress pad that delivers comfort and protection to those sensitive to dust mites and allergies:

This deluxe natural latex mattress pad features 3″ of natural latex wrapped in pure wool under a quilted organic cotton cover. The quilted cotton top makes the mattress pad look just like the top of your mattress. Elastic straps hold the mattress topper in place and make it easy to remove the pad. The latex mattress pad not only adds another layer of comfort to your bed, but it also acts as a natural dust mite repellant. Lanolin, a natural substance found in wool, repels dust mites as well as bed bugs and bacteria. Plus, dust mites cannot live inside of the natural latex core.

Aloe Vera Mattress

Aloe Vera Mattress

Aloe vera mattress, which features a water-gel core, patented and developed especially for this, have all the soothing and healing properties the aloe plant is known for. Made of non-toxic materials, this mattress is highly resilient, and can therefore last for quite sometime. Its poly cotten stretch covering helps to enhance the properties Aloe Vera contributes to the betterment of your sleep.

Rocky Mountain All Natural Latex Mattress

Rocky Mountain All Natural Latex Mattress

From Rocky Mountain Mattress, which recently released their green product line. Aside from the fact that the mattress is made of natural latex and is therefore safe and eco-friendly, it also makes use of pure organic Juma wool under a cotton/bamboo cover, allowing for proper circulation while keeping the user dry and comfortable.

Valini Shredded Pillow

Valini Shredded Pillow

It’s known as one of the most versatile rubber pillows. The Valini shredded rubber pillow is supposed to mold on to your neck area properly for good support.

It’s made by Green Sleep, which has other amazing line of pillow products to choose from.