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Bedsheet Problems: A Funny Mattress Video

Found this gem of a video on Facebook, featuring a woman who is encountering problems with changing sheets on a mattress. While this video is hilarious, it’s a very common situation among many households.

One would think that it is actually easy to just pick off a sheet from the rack at bedding or mattress store. But there are many people who still make the mistake of buying bed sheets that are either too big or too small for the mattress, especially with fitted sheets. And the end result? You’ve got to watch this video to see what we mean (and perhaps many of you can relate to this!):

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Should You Get An Adjustable Mattress?

As with many other things, choosing whether to get an adjustable mattress is really a matter of personal requirement. Just because you can score a good deal from this, or a neighbor has had a great experience with it, you might not be able to maximize use of this kind of mattress if it’s not really something you need.

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Mattress Trend for 2014

What can be expected from the mattress industry this 2014?

According to the experts, growth for specialty mattresses that will feature hybrid styles and innovations will continue to become the primary focus for many of the players. We’ve seen how much cooling gels have risen in demand in the past years, and it’s most likely going to escalate this year. In particular, manufacturers will be developing and coming up with mattress products that help with making the sleep environment cooler or warmer, depending on the climate, especially since the weather, of late, continues to become so unpredictable.

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The Hippo Sleeper

We’re guessing that your kid who is now residing in the college dorm will be thrilled to have this chair mattress as an addition in his humble dorm room.

The Hippo Sleeper chair is made up of thick padding that feels ultra comfortable as a bed. For daytime use, this puffy chair is great for resting and relaxation as the padded arms and backrest provide good support for when he wants to read his notes and books, or watch television.

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Managing the Kids’ Sleep Routine During Holidays

Because the holidays are filled with so many activities, the children are also most likely to stay up later than usual. With school on a break, there’s nothing else to give them that rigid routine for sleep, and things can get messed up. Should you indulge and let kids enjoy this, or should you make sure that they don’t forget their routine? In some households, routines are still upheld because it makes for a very stress-free holiday vacation. When everyone, including the kids are getting good sleep, no one wakes up sore and cranky!

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Why Are 19th Century Beds So High and Bulky?

Many beds in the mid-century and in many historic homes even today are built quite a bit higher than regular traditional beds. Have you ever noticed that? It’s typical to see a historic home with beds that seem to tower up. One of the reasons for this is because beds during the 19th century were more than just sheets, pillows and the occasional feather covers. These beds were usually designed as four-poster beds, with all the complexities of layers upon layers of other key items.

World’s Largest Mattress To Be Unveiled in Georgia

World’s Largest Mattress To Be Unveiled in Georgia

A furniture and home store in Georgia is preparing for the unveiling of the World’s Largest Mattress this coming Saturday. Real Deals on Furniture and Home Décor is set to present a mattress measuring 38 by 80 feet in a Christmas event that will be graced by no less then Santa Claus. Kids have been invited to play and jump on this mattress, which is also pegged to cover more than 3,000 square feet of space.

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The Case of the Removed Mattress Tag

A mattress shopper from Illinois, who had been suffering from a bad back and decided that replacing her mattress would help relieve it, got to experience first-hand what the consequences are for removing the mattress tag that read, “Do not remove under penalty of law.”

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An Armchair Made From Mattress

Dubbed the Huggy Armchair, this whimsical creation features a mattress, in multiple color at that, wrapped around a base that is shaped like a basin or drum. The result is like a wafer cone seater that can actually be broken down into a single bed. It’s a modern and creative solution for small spaces. And it’s quite practical, too.