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The Dangers of a Leaky Air Mattress

Be careful when using an air mattress. Make sure that this has no leaks and check for any holes or gash before you use it. And if you think that there are leaks, don’t even attempt to repair this if you have no experience with fixing air mattress holes.


Tiger Woods Blames Bad Game on Soft Mattress

Once legendary in any golf tournament, Tiger Woods has been suffering in his games lately, and always seem to be playing with an injury.

Last Wednesday, Woods was at Liberty National along the Hudson River to play nine holes along with other pro-golfers. But reports said, his neck and back were so stiff that he wasn’t able to play his best. Woods played it safe and took precautions so that he won’t make his injury worse.


Buon Appetito Duvet Cover

If you’re someone who loves to eat while in bed, but really hate the mess that goes with this indulgence, with the food particles falling onto the sheets, then this Buon Appetito, a kind of satin duven cover, was designed with you in mind.


Turn Your Bed Into A Cooler Sanctuary

It’s the middle of summer and days are hotter, while nights are becoming more humid. It’s harder to sleep on the bed, especially if your room isn’t airconditioned. This is where a good mattress becomes a primary requisite for any home.

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Coming Soon: Smart Bedding

Are you one of those who find that fixing a bed up in the morning to be such a huge task? It’s not an easy task, as most people would like to think. And it’s very convenient to get lazy with making up the bed, knowing you’re gonna mess it up in a few hours anyway.

But a clean bed is a must and designers Jon Wheatley and Marshall Haas recognize this fact. They have designed a kind of “smart bedding” that leaves the tucking and realigning of the flat sheet as the easiest task you’ll ever do.

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Beddit: Sleep Monitoring App

A company from Finland has designed a sleep-tracking gadget that can be attached to the mattress while sleeping, and monitored via a mobile application. This device is originally intended for those working in the medical field who are tasked to do sleep researches, or athletes who may need to monitor the quality of their sleep to perform better on the playing field.


Are Modern Mattresses Really Better?

Should you give up on your old mattress from the late 80’s or the 90’s and get a current, more technologically advanced mattress?

In the past, mattresses were made very basic and simple. Springs and several cotton paddings were all it took to manufacture these. They were also priced a lot cheaper.