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Video: Bed Bug Infestation in Colleges

Video: Bed Bug Infestation in Colleges

An epidemic in Missouri is plaguing colleges there. Bed bugs, as big as they can get, are being discovered in campuses and dormitories of Midwestern colleges. What are school authorities doing? The mattresses apparently haven’t been replaced or sanitized coming from the last school season. Parents and students alike are furious.

Watch the video of this news report:


Special Mattress For Obama

The job of the most powerful man in the world is stressful. A bed maker in New Jersey is offering to make President-elect Barack Obama a special kind of mattress to help relieve his stress. If only the President-elect agrees —


How To Make A Japanese Futon Mattress

A Japanese futon is actually thinner than regular futon mattresses we now have at the stores. Here’s a video to how one can make Japanese futon at his or her own home, with just a few of the usual bedding supplies —


How To Fold An Air Mattress

Even with air mattresses already in existence for roughly two decades, there are unfortunately people who still have a hard time storing and keeping it folded when it’s not in use anymore.

Here’s a very entertaining video of how to fold air mattresses with ease —-


Sesame Street's Princess and the Mattress Story

Well, this one is a classic. I grew up watching this and some twenty plus years later, my own child was also watching the same video.

This is of Kermit the Frog doing a report on the Princess and the Mattress on Sesame Street. But guess who the Princess is?

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Horse Tests A Mattress

It’s apparently the first time this horse has ever set her hoofs on a mattress and she is kind of feeling what it is. Since horses are used to hard ground, she hesitates for a while before finally going over it….


Chucking A Mattress

Ever tried to chuck a mattress for fun? But how fun could it be when it is hard to do it based on how the mattress is built; it is obviously not meant for chucking.

In some towns though, mattress chucking is a big event, such as the one done in the 2008 Trent Bedding Company Mattress Chuck Event held last Oct 25th.