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Mattress Myths: Are You Aware of Them?

Mattress Myths: Are You Aware of Them?

A local TV affiliate from ABC ran this story around myths with mattress purchases and care, and how each consumer should be wise enough to know them. The feature summed up the myths into three kinds:

1) how the type of mattress affects comfort level.

2) the presence of dust mites in the mattress

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Aqua Bed Warmer For Non-Electric Heater Blanket

In this freezing cold weather, having a heated blanket is more than a convenience. It’s a necessity. However, not many people are sold on an electric heated blanket because of the possible risks. And while there are only few reported accidents involving this, some consumers would definitely choose to be safe than sorry.

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This Anti-Snoring Bed May Be Just What Your Marriage Needs

Sleep Number proudly introduces their latest in bedding innovation. This smart bed, pegged at $8000, might be a little steep on the price, but it isn’t smart for nothing. Called the Number x12, this bed features all of the usual essentials from a Sleep Number, with mattress that conform to what the preference likes, whether it’s a firm feel or a plusher surface. But at the same time, this bed also works on voice command, so that whoever is sleeping on it can easily adjust the bed and get maximum relief.

A Doctor Talks About Buying the Right Mattress

A Doctor Talks About Buying the Right Mattress

As you may probably already know, the kind of mattress you’re sleeping on can do a lot of good or bad to your health. If you sleep in a mattress that doesn’t provide the proper support and comfort to your body, no matter if it’s very expensive, then you could be at a losing end. Your sleep quality could suffer, and you may end up feeling really worse than before, with your old mattress.

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Bedsheet Problems: A Funny Mattress Video

Found this gem of a video on Facebook, featuring a woman who is encountering problems with changing sheets on a mattress. While this video is hilarious, it’s a very common situation among many households.

One would think that it is actually easy to just pick off a sheet from the rack at bedding or mattress store. But there are many people who still make the mistake of buying bed sheets that are either too big or too small for the mattress, especially with fitted sheets. And the end result? You’ve got to watch this video to see what we mean (and perhaps many of you can relate to this!):

The Different Mattress Comfort Levels Explained

The Different Mattress Comfort Levels Explained

Mattresses are not created the same. Because people have different requirements, comfort levels also vary. When you get to a mattress store, you may probably become confused with the different features. Firm mattress, plush mattress, pillow top mattress — what do these all mean and what are their differences? And what is the best comfort level for our body requirements? Is your body more attuned to sleeping on a firm bed or would you be able to get the best sleep on a plush mattress?

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Mattress Wars from The Lookout

ABC’s The Lookout put different mattresses side by side for a stress test. Watch the video to know who came out the winner as the winner, and see if this is also your preferred mattress.

Video: My Mattress Safe

Video: My Mattress Safe

A bedmaker from Spain is truly cashing in on a mattress design that allows users to literally put their money in a mattress. How can this happen? It’s because the mattress comes with a fire-proof safety deposit box. And in a cash-strapped region like Europe, where the banking industry is in a crisis, this mattress is reportedly selling really well. The Mattress Safe is selling for more than $1,100 but it’s creator and manufacturer said that it’s so in demand.

Flare Mattress Video from Comfort Solutions

Flare Mattress Video from Comfort Solutions

We’ve previously featured the Flare Mattress on this site. It’s this trapezoid mattress designed by Comfort Solutions, which offers extra space at the bottom. Few people probably have an idea of how this mattress actually works, so the brand has come up with this educational video for consumers highlighting how flare mattress would be a most helpful sleep solution.

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How to Clean a Spring Mattress

Spring has started and it’s time to give your mattress a do over and cleaning. It’s not quite easy to really achieve this with a spring mattress, but here is a video from HowCast, showing us exactly how it is done. If you can’t view the video, there is also a good step by step guide from Real Simple, following it.