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What To Do When Testing A Mattress?

Shopping for a new mattress would be a stressful experience for some people, particularly if they do not have a plan or strategy for this. You need one because a new mattress is a long-term commitment. If you pick the wrong mattress for your body, you will be stuck with it for many, many years.

The Different Mattress Comfort Levels Explained

The Different Mattress Comfort Levels Explained

Mattresses are not created the same. Because people have different requirements, comfort levels also vary. When you get to a mattress store, you may probably become confused with the different features. Firm mattress, plush mattress, pillow top mattress — what do these all mean and what are their differences? And what is the best comfort level for our body requirements? Is your body more attuned to sleeping on a firm bed or would you be able to get the best sleep on a plush mattress?


Secrets to Choosing a Better Mattress

With the right mattress, sleep can make a lot of difference. It doesn’t have to be a really expensive mattress,  though. But it should have the following characteristics:

1) Good spinal alignment. It should be the type of mattress that offer relief from pressure points and provide proper spinal alignment. You will notice this when your hips and shoulders are supported well, as you sleep in your most favorite position. If you don’t wake up with a sore back or any feelings of discomfort, then the mattress is doing a good job keeping your back aligned.

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Tips on Adjusting to a New Mattress

Having a new mattress may require a few adjustments. Because your body has been so used to sleeping on an old, sagging and compressed mattress, a new one, with its form and support still very much intact, may feel a whole lot different.

With a new mattress, there are no dips and indentations that form the shape of your body, which is why it may feel a bit rock solid and flat for the first few weeks. New mattresses, however,  eventually conform to your body’s shape, regardless if you have bought a softer, pillow top mattress or one that is firm. This means, that achieving full comfort may happen for a while, so you just have to literally lie back and wait.

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Why Mattress Frames Make Mattresses Better

People traditionally sleep on beds that already come with its own mattress frames. But  if you buy a different mattress that doesn’t fit with your existing frames, or if you just buy the mattress and do away with frames to save on the cost, you’re not exactly saving money and being practical.

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Simple Ways You Can Do To Freshen Your Mattress

Mattresses are a huge investment. As such, care for it is needed so that it can last for many uses. Hiring professionals to do regular maintenance on your mattress can be expensive, as well as disruptive, since you have to deal with workers coming in and out of your bedroom. But the good thing is, there are simple ways you can adopt so that you can still keep your mattress fresh and clean.

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Removing the Cigarette Smell Off A Mattress

The thing about cigarette smoke is that its stench can stay in a closed setting for so long. If you have someone in the house who is in the habit of smoking even while on the bed, the  smell of cigarettes could linger on the mattress for weeks.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can do to get rid of the cigarette smell on a mattress.


How To Determine The Right Quilt Size For Your Bed

While there are standard sizes for mattresses, sometimes finding the correct quilt to use as cover for the bed could become a failure in decorating the bedroom. This is because the height of the bed can vary, given the type of frame used to support the mattress. Here are some basic things to keep in mind then, when it comes to choosing the right quilt size to go with your bed.

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