The Cocodoll by Renowed Artist Lalanne

Artists François-Xavier Lalanne and Claude Lalanne of the duo Les Lalanne have been working together since the mid-1950’s and came up with their first ever furniture sculpture exhibit called the Zoophites in 1964. The project was a display of unconventional pieces that were mostly inspired by animal and nature and among these was this Cocodoll by François-Xavier Lalanne.

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A Pillow You Can Pull Apart

Anyone raising kids will understand how hard it is to let children go to bed. Sometimes, it’s really a monumental struggle and it’s usually the adult caving in to pressure first. But maybe this wouldn’t be such a problem if families with kids have this pull-apart pillow that will make the routine of going to sleep a lot more fun and interesting.

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Linenspa 4″ Folding Foam Mattress

A functional foam sofa that easily converts into a sleeping mattress, this is ideal for small spaces, dorm rooms, or houses that require extra sleeping spaces with guests over. It’s also ideal for camping or picnics. Designed with a trifold mark, this foam mattress is portable, as it is lightweight and convenient to pack and carry around. The foam is fitted with handles so that it can be transported.

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Serendipity Mattress

This mattress is totally different because it is made up of compound balloons instead of the usual flat foam surface one sees and expects from a bed. The balloons are soft and flexible, and they are, in fact, molded from polyurethane foam, so it’s not like you would be sleeping on an uncomfortable surface. So that the foam doesn’t disintegrate, they are covered in nylon lycra spandex. Tied altogether, a polymide net holds the balloons so that it forms into an ideal sleep environment.

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The Ostrich Gear For Conducive Sleeping

A quick look of this pillow will probably have you shaking your head. The thought of wearing this  as you try and steal a few minutes of sleep in public may make you laugh. It just seems unacceptable, right?


The Carousel Sofa

Here’s another modular furniture design for small spaces…

If your house doesn’t offer much seating area, or if you’re into a more intimate set-up when friends come over to visit, then this Carousel Sofa will be perfect for what you need.

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Beanbag Plus Hammock Equals Le Beanock

Whoever invented the beanock may have been flip-flopping between the outside and the inside of their house to get really comfortable while resting, and then stopped on their tracks and said, “Why can’t this be both?”

Enter this creation. It’s a hammock, which is a typical outdoor furniture, and a bean bag, which is typically found inside the house.


Kulle Daybed

When it comes to beds, there’s only one thing everyone aspires for…it’s to sleep in a bed so soft, it would be like sleeping on a cloud. But to be sleeping on a cloud can be misleading, since no one has actually ever tried this before. We all imagine, however, that clouds are soft and very comfortable, given that it looks fluffy and feels lush and full.

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Bread Inspired Sleeping Bags

The Japanese really think of the weirdest stuff!

Although we have to say that this selection of sleeping bags, inspired by bread products obviously, is something that we won’t mind having at home. And only because we think that bread is godsend!