Creepy Halloween Mats

Go all the way this Halloween by plopping these “body bags” for guests to sit or lounge or even sleep on. These aren’t discarded mattresses. These are actually bean bags that come in different sizes which will surely add a touch of the creepy to your Halloween celebrations at home!


Adaptable Black Birch Bed

rom natural whitened birch comes this bed frame for three year old kids and up. Only it is stained in black, but the bed also comes in its natural color. Finnish designer Meri Von Renteln is the person behind this furniture.

The bed is made with a lot of storage space, as you can see. And the chest drawers may also serve as side tables or end tables.


The Vertical Bed

I’m not sure about this, which is why I’m glad it’s only a prototype and not an actual product. Even if it were, I doubt it’s going to be something that takes off in the market. Who would like to sleep standing up? Can anyone even get a good rest that way?

Invented by James O’ Shea, the Vertical Bed is for taking quick naps in between a long day. The whole set up is contained in a suitcase and can be used anywhere, including a busy street.


Mattress Commercial Outtakes

Not quite sure if this guy is an actor or he’s an actual mattress salesman but this outtakes from a mattress commercial shoot only proves that if he is indeed a salesman, then sticking to his day job is what we’d most recommend: