Mattress Scare Prank Videos

Mattress Scare Prank Videos

Anytime someone decides to do a scare prank video with the mattress as props, it always ends up being a riot. Here are two recent videos presented by Break, a type of gag show. As you will watch, the setting for these pranks happened in two different neighborhoods, but the reactions from the people are so similar.

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The Sleeping Bag That’s Also A Sofa

Designer Stephanie Hornig has come up with a cozy invention that has a sleeping bag working double as a sofa seater.

Ms. Hornig, who is born in Austria and has had work in Milan, calls this bed the Camp Daybed and it even comes up with a number of other bedroom furniture that completes the look and feel of a teenagers bedroom. Her work and creations are mostly modernistic and very trendy. You can check her portfolio here.

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Mattresses As Chairs

It’s interesting how creative designers’ mind work, especially when they redesign and repurpose a familiar piece and come up with something truly exceptional.

Take this case of the Roulade Armrest from a company called KiBiSi. Instantly, you know that you’ve seen this before. The chair will automatically remind you of a mattress, only it’s rolled up to form a suitable seating area. The chair, however, isn’t an actual mattress. But the designer has taken the idea from it.

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Privacy Pop Tent

Looking at this oddly designed tent bed reminds us of caravans from the 19th century. But past or present, the idea behind this creation is to bring privacy into one’s sleeping area‚Ķthat is, if having a bedroom isn’t enough privacy. (So, maybe you’re sharing it with someone, like in a dorm room?)


Best Things To Do With Mattress Scraps

Mattresses from the 60’s through the 70’s and 80’s were built with bulky springs that are no longer useful today. Because technology has advanced, mattress springs work differently now. Disposing of these outdated mattresses, however has become a problem in landfills because mattresses designed from those decades have parts do not easily degrade.

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Bingo Pouf and Mattress

Compact and highly functional, the Bingo Pouf and Mattress as both a sleeping and seating solution for every type of living area. In its original state, the mattress ins folded together to make a very comfortable seater. But when it is opened, the mattress becomes a sleeping area good for an individual. There is a tray cover that goes with it, serving a dual purpose as well (as a tray and as a table top).

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Bedsheet Problems: A Funny Mattress Video

Found this gem of a video on Facebook, featuring a woman who is encountering problems with changing sheets on a mattress. While this video is hilarious, it’s a very common situation among many households.

One would think that it is actually easy to just pick off a sheet from the rack at bedding or mattress store. But there are many people who still make the mistake of buying bed sheets that are either too big or too small for the mattress, especially with fitted sheets. And the end result? You’ve got to watch this video to see what we mean (and perhaps many of you can relate to this!):

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The Hippo Sleeper

We’re guessing that your kid who is now residing in the college dorm will be thrilled to have this chair mattress as an addition in his humble dorm room.

The Hippo Sleeper chair is made up of thick padding that feels ultra comfortable as a bed. For daytime use, this puffy chair is great for resting and relaxation as the padded arms and backrest provide good support for when he wants to read his notes and books, or watch television.

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