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Pacifica Low Profile Platform Bed

A contemporary designed bed that comes with headboard, slats, legs and the platform itself. This comes with 14 wooden slats that supports the mattress very well, you won’t even have a need for a boxspring.

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Mackintosh Canopy Wood Bed

A very posh and very modern canopy bed featuring affordable wooden frames. This type of bed design should definitely make your bedroom into one gorgeous sanctuary. The bed comes in king, queen and full size. You can get it from Affordable Beds.

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Basic Wheel Platform Bed Frame

Well, this bed frame does not get any more basic. It’s a flat bed surface with wheels for easy transport or mobility. As a good bed addition if you have guests around, this bed should be it.

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Cerrutti Baleri: Drop & Tok

This is a very simply designed chaise lounge that can easily turn into a bed for resting. Great for afternoon naps, this furniture is made of CFC-free cold-foamed polyurethane and was put on display in Milan.

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The Bamboo Grandstand

I’m including this in the entry for today if only to show how much sturdy bamboos can be, especially when a lot of bed foundation are made from this. Here, the bamboo is made into a grandstand, one that can support a crowd of people.

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Brownstone Natural Junior Bed Frame

A custom designed junior bed frame for your growing toddlers. This bed is standard sized and can fit any regular latext mattress. It comes with a flush corner footboard, constructed safely for active kids, without toxic glues, nails or finishes. It has been treated with bees wax for a more perfect finish.

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The Reverie Essentialâ„¢ Adjustable Bed

This adjustable bedding is best for the consumer who want to always have a relaxing sleep that feels like one is getting a massage all the time.

This bed has an adjustable setting that offers great comfort. The bed is also made of quality craftsmanship, with powder coated frames that provide durability. It looks like an ordinary bed and mattress but it works even better than it.

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Maui Wave Bed

A sleek and modern bed frame design that is inspired by sandy beaches and the waves of the ocean, thus it’s name. The headboard and the footboard are so detailed with fine craftsmanship.

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Bella Upholstered Bed

Upholstered bed covered in fabric….this style is very much like the beds from the 70’s but I guess there are still people who love the design. The bed is ideal for watching TV or reading. The bed can be upholstered in different types of fabric.