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Pacific Drift Platform Bed

Both with a rustic and modern touch, this bed is created by Dave McDonald, a craftsman who specializes in woodwork. Using reclaimed woods from hemlock, walnut and douglas fir, the bed’s design is said to be inspired by the coast of Oregon. The wood undergoes a process of drilling, grounding, sanding and burning, until it is finally coated with a rich finish. It may also be custom made.

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Buying a Bed Frame for the First Time? Some Tips Below

Are you in the market for a new bed frame? Is this your first time to buy one? You’ve probably heard from someone else how beds can be an investment, much like purchasing a car. And that is actually true. The one you’ll pick out now is the one you will be stuck with for several years to come. Which means that you have to choose one that really satisfy your taste and requirements.


The Carousel Sofa

Here’s another modular furniture design for small spaces…

If your house doesn’t offer much seating area, or if you’re into a more intimate set-up when friends come over to visit, then this Carousel Sofa will be perfect for what you need.


Notturno Sofa Bed

The Notturno Sofa Bed is a chic and stylish piece of furniture that would be great to have in a small living space. From the Italian company called Natuzzi, this piece is a functional, comfortable and stylish addition to the living room. But it can also convert really well as a sleeping space when the couch is unfolded, like so:

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The Figo Lounger Futon Mattress

Whether you need an extra sleeping area in your place, or you need a nice looking bed for your son or daughter’s dorm room at the university, these colorful and nice-looking futon beds from Futon Creations are worthy of consideration.

One glaring thing about the futon is that they are designed in a more sophisticated form. Called the Figo loungers, the futon can easily transform into a single-style sleep space, and comes with a pillowtop head to boot.


The $12000 Italian Love Bed

Designer Gaetano Pesce, an artist and architect from Italy, created this double bed with a very distinct headboard. You probably won’t notice it right away, but the colorful panel, which look like church windows, actually feature two faces — that of a couple kissing each other. Which is why this bed has become symbolical for love and romance.


The One Daybed

This bed might not be much. In fact, “bed” and “comfort” are probably the last two words you would be able to associate with it. But it’s the kind of daybed that fits well into a minimalist and modern household.

Designed by Leif Joergensen for Hay, this piece of furniture marries both creative idea and vision. Most of the furniture from the collection this daybed follows are basically sculptural, it’s virtually a decorative art piece for the home.

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The Bed of The Future For Teens

Brazilian designer Roberta Ramme has these types of beds in mind when thinking about the beds of the future. She calls this inception the Wave Chaise, which includes a home theater system right on the bed for teenagers to enjoy. Aside from the TV unit, DVD player and the musical component, the concept bed is also equipped with a computer with a working desk.