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Better Than a Box Spring Mattress Foundation

The complete support system you need when you want to sleep comfortably, relax and rejuvenate. This mattress foundation is durable and user friendly and would be an ideal replacement for your metal bed. It includes a 14″ storage area under it.

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Campeggi Convertible Couch

One of the coolest modular designs I’ve seen. This is a convertible couch and bed that folds out in a smooth an easy process. The furniture comes in a contemporary design and fits a modern house.

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Convertible Classy Sofa + Modern Bed Set

Most sofa beds don’t come in flashy, classy designs, but not this convertible sofa bed as it is done like an architectural piece. The bed has rectangular pieces which may easily be reconfigured to however way you like the sofa bed to look. Be it a couch or a sofa sleeper, this piece fits a modern and contemporary home setting.

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The Relax Couch

A lot contemporary furniture bring in the fun factor and is not just limited to use and function. This pillow inspired couch, for example, transforms from this:

to this:

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Col-Letto Bed

Awarded this year’s Elle Decor International Design honors, the Col-letto bed is designed as a cozy sanctuary with a turtleneck frame that’s made from foam. This frame can be rolled up or down, depending on your preference. Some days you may want to sleep in a crib-like environment and roll this. Other days, you may want to sleep with its flap down. It’s actually fun and very inventive, don’t you think?

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The Zip Bed

With everyone living a fast paced life, people forego with making the bed and leaving it untidy. The Zip Bed makes keeping your sleeping space a task so easy, you can do it all in just a zip.

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Z Bed Frame

This bed comes with a futuristic design, as the headboard with a sliding book case appears to be floating. The frames are from steel bar construction, assured of high quality. It’s in textured black powder finish, and would look very modern and trendy. There’s even extra room for the trundle just below it.

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The Grid Metal Bed Frame

This looks absolutely contemporary. Featuring a unique geometric shape design, this bed is easily the focal point of the room. Made from iron finish and metal bed rails.

You can get this from All Beds.

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Grayson Bed Frame

Dark, wooden platform bed for the contemporary bedroom..this also has cabinets under it, which makes it a space saver. The bed comes in all standard sizes and should look comfortable but stylish in any type of bedroom.