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Comfortable Floor Mattress by Natural Comfort

Comfortable Floor Mattress by Natural Comfort

This floor mattress may be used for Yoga, Pilates, massages, sleepovers with the kids or for resting on the floor. It is extra thick, made of cotton and may be easily rolled-up and kept after using.

One size: 80″ long x 40″ wide x about 3 inches thick Great for those who need extra padding for floor seating. Integrated Rollup ties allow for easy storage Attached shoulder strap makes for easy transport. The Comfortable Floor Mat comes from an environmentally sustainable and socially conscious small business dedicated to environmentally sustainable manufacturing of well designed, useful, long-lasting products having a minimal impact on our environment. Made in the USA, so we can guarantee that your cotton is free from chemical pollution. Product Dimensions: Approximately 40″ wide x 80″ long x 3″ thick. Product Weight: 33 lbs. Made in the USA.
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Naturepedic Quilted Organic Cotton Deluxe

Made from organic cotton, without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers, this mattress is very recommended for your baby’s use. The cotton material provides proper air circulation and balanced temperature. IT also is a non-allergic material, without wool or latex.

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This mattress is constructed using materials free from chemical processing. It’s also covered in organic cotton fabric with 100% polyethylene waterproof coating, so that it is excellent for babies to use. It’s water resistant and stain resistant; and at the same time, it offers the softest most comfortable cushion and sleep surface.

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Custom Sized Cotton Bassinet Mattress

A customized mattress, one that follows the exact figures of the bed or bed frame, especially if it comes with unusual shape, contributes to the way one gets the best of sleep. You choose how thick or thin the mattress must be, as well as its other components.

Baby Mattress Pad – Visivent

Baby Mattress Pad – Visivent

Visivent is the original baby mattress with ventilation action that ensures continuous flow of air around the baby’s body. The foam pad is mostly centered in the middle, providing the right support so that the posture is unaffected. The mattress is covered in Rochtec fabric which may be easily cleaned by simple wiping.

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Melanie Hat Bed In Primary

Eccentric and whimsical this bed is perfect for that little girl who loves fabrics, fashion, colors and dressing up. The bed frame looks frivolous and may have too much going on, but it sure does look extraordinary.

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Misty Moonlight Bed

Bringing old school charm, elegance and sophistication this hand painted four poster bed frame is a wonderful work of art. It can become a family heirloom piece. The bed comes with gorgeous headboard and footboard detailing that flows and ties the bed’s design altogether. And then, it’s made to look antique-y with its blue wash finish.

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Posh Tots Dream Bed

This gorgeous kid’s bed seems to have popped out of a fairy tale book, doesn’t it?

It’s handcrafted and made of wood and vintage ceramic mosaic from broken China. The bed is also featured with tea lamps, that delivers its whimsical style.

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Springhill Honey Maple Headboard with Frame

Bring the charm of country living into your bedroom with this classic camelback designed bedroom. Great for the girl’s or the boy’s room, this bed frame comes with horizontal top rails and headboard. It’s safe and would last years of use in the kid’s bedroom.