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Sleeping Bag With Your Guts Out

Once in a while, I come across something really crazy that is related to sleep. While this sleeping bag isn’t the craziest I’ve seen, it’s one of those that makes me wonder what people were thinking coming up with this product.

Then I find out this sleeping bag, with a precise illustration of what the insides of our body looks, comes from a Japanese store… which seems to have answered my question. The Japanese — they think of every quirky design man can creatively think of, don’t they?

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Sleep and Obesity In Kids Linked

According to a study done by researchers from the University of Chicago and the University of Louisville, kids between the ages of 4 to 10 who get more sleep and who have a strict bedtime routine, are least likely to grow up obese.

We’ve always been told how important sleep is so that our body can recover and regenerate. As a child, many of us where even told to take naps despite our protest. So, here’s another why sleep is good and very much recommended. It helps minimize weight and obesity problems later, when the kids mature.

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Drop Side Cribs Are Now Banned

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has decided that drop-side cribs must be banned from ever being sold and used by consumers, after some 30 infant deaths related to it have been documented. The drop-side cribs is being used by many parents over the years. In fact, it’s become a necessity and a tradition.

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Holiday Gift Idea: Why not offer to redecorate your teenager’s bedroom?

When children reach the age of 12, 13 or 14, it’s quite harder to pick out the best Christmas presents for them. They’re too old for toys, for one thing. And because they are still getting to know themselves or trying to find their identity, you could end up gifting them with clothes they may never wear at all, since this doesn’t fit their  “style”. Gadgets would be your next best choice. But if your 13 year old daughter or son already owns an iPod or any other portable game gadget, what else would you give them?

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My First® Portable Waterproof Mattress

This mattress pad is designed for traveling with children three years old and above. Avoid accidents even while on holidays, on the road, or at a relatives house or in hotels using this. Fits and protects twin size beds. Measures 34″ L x 36″ W. Face fabric is 100% natural cotton with no dyes or chemicals added. Tuck tails are an unbleached polyester/cotton blend. The back is 100% polyurethane laminated to a knit polyester waterproof backing.

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Living Textiles Baby Smart-Dri™ Cradle Mattress Protector

With a four-layer design, this mattress helps with wetness and ventilation, allowing baby to sleep safely and soundly. The mattress is fitted with non-toxic waterproof film called the Smart-Dri™ that makes sure the area is always clean. It is covered with 100% cotton covering, one that is engineered with Liv-Tex™ technology, for a truly high quality mattress.

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Fairy Land Bed

This incredible bed design takes inspirations from fairy book settings. It’s captivating and very appealing to the kids who will be making this bed their place of comfort. The bed comes withe shelves and lockers for storage and a bed-stairs to assist the little ones into climbing.