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Pottery Barn’s Co-Sleeper

Having baby close to the mother while sleeping at night keeps parents feeling more secure about the baby’s safety. But putting them on to the bed with the mom and dad may also be risky.


Elizabeth II Toddler Bed – Cherry

This beautiful bed is designed specifically for toddlers doing the transition from the crib to the big kid’s bed. It’s sized like a standard crib, so one can still use existing crib mattress and bedding.



PeaPod Indoor/Outdoor Small Travel Bed

A convenient and most efficient way to travel when you have younger kids or babies is to bring your own inflatable travel bed. This Peapod from KidCo not only has the right support that resembles a crib, it has an air mattress in place, to keep the baby dry and comfortable.


Halo SleepSack Wearable Blanket

Parents of fussy kids who end up sleeping without their blankets on them can now rest comfortably and know that the child is kept warm through the night with this wearable blanket. It’s made of organic materials, so it’s definitely kid friendly.


Boppy Pillow With Slipcover

Take an easier time nursing or feeding infants with this Boppy Pillow.

It’s not an ordinary pillow. It comes with a stretch panel you can tie around to securely provide a cushion for your baby. The Boppy Pillow also elimates straining your arms and back when feeding.


Supreme Snuggle Nest

This versatile baby bed, best for newborn up to five months old, may be used for either traveling or co-sleeping at home. It has been designed by someone who works with babies best —  a pediatrician.


Custom Toddler Bed from Warm Biscuit

Phasing out your toddlers from the crib to a real bed? It’s easier said than done and parents make the mistake of getting just any type of bed they set sights on. A customized bed would probably help make this scenario a lot less trouble for parents and their kids, because this way, parents can actually have a bed they would want their toddler to grow into.


Studsig Mattress

This is a child-safe mattress that is used either for extra sleeping space or as a permanent mattress in the kids bedroom. It has child-safe zippers to protect the mattress and the child (of course). The surface to this is reversible, built for maximum use and abuse by the child, who is probably going to use this to play and sleep on.


Lounge-A-Round® and Cover

What is it with mattress that kids love to jump on it a lot? While we want them to enjoy this simple pleasure, this activity contributes to the slow deterioration of the mattress’ quality.