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Serena and Lily Organic Mattress

Your baby will feel extra safe and free from toxins with this crib mattress pad. It is made from organic materials that offer comfortable and solid support. The mattress is made of 1,000 innersprings coils and is covered in organic cotton. It also has eco-wool padding.

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Nature’s Star™ mattress by Moonlight Slumber

You would always have a happy baby like this one if they are sent to bed in a really comfortable, soft and toxic free mattress.

Nature’s Star™ mattresses are available with firm, yet plush, natural cotton padding around an exclusive 336 count coil innerspring system. Add to this our exclusive natural internal fire barrier, and this combination offers a smooth, firm, comfortable, natural environment for your child.

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Pillowtop Lullaby Mattress & Box-Spring

This mattress has been developed by Serta and has innerspring coils that provide a balance form head to toe. It also comes with an extra plush feel, with a convoluted and zoned foam that not only offers ample support but also improves air circulation.

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Luxe Mattress Protector

Keep your baby’s mattress dry with this fitted mattress cover made by Luxe Mattress. It is made of water repellant membrane which works effectively against nighttime accidents. The protector helps mattress last longer as it keeps away liquid and dirt.

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Luxo Coco Mat Mattress

The organic crib mattress delivering healthy and comfort to your baby. It is made from all natural materials, with the inner layer containing an organic coir and lambswool. The mattress does great for insulation. The corners are round so it’s perfect for cribs shaped like this.

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Picci Natura Mattress Buggy Seat with Flaps

This is a mattress buggy seat that you fit into your baby’s stroller or car seat so that she becomes more comfortable. The mattress buggy is made of organic and soft materials. It would be a very wise and helpful investment, all for the comfort of your child.

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Kukunest Kid Bedding

There are some really great selections of kids bedding at the Kukunest. The choices are very colorful, playful and whimsical. The designs perk up the kids bedroom really well. Choose from a selection of girl and boy children’s bedding, with price ranging from $15 t $146.

Kids Bed from Pet Revolution

Kids Bed from Pet Revolution

It may be unlikely one finds a child’s bed in a pet store. But perhaps because keeping a child’s bed clean and dry also needs the same effort as when taking care of a pet’s sleeping space (perhaps even more), finding it in a pet store is logical.