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Bedroom Idea: Tufted Headboards

The appeal of tufted headboards is in its elegant style. If you’re looking to change the way your bed looks, this will do the trick in an instant. It’s chic and so stylish.


Spruce Up Your Bed With This Headboard Made From Books

A bookworm will probably cringe at this idea of using old books to fashion into a stylish headboard. But then again, if you’re someone who loves to read books, wouldn’t you also love to surround your haven and sanctuary with it? I imagine many readers pick up their favorite book and read this on the bed. Now, imagine setting your head up in an array of books splashed as a headboard, wouldn’t that be a hoot?

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Mattress Go Round’s Recycled Bedding

Mattress Go Round, which is based in Greensboro, is an eco-friendly mattress store which only sells recycled mattress, using refurbished innersprings. It collects mattresses that are dumped on the curb or set for recycling by groups or companies and sanitize this so that the mattresses look brand new.

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This Bed is Valued at £4 Million

No kidding…

This bed carries a price tag of £4 Million.

The Baldacchino Supreme is decidedly the most expensive bed I’ve heard of. This pricey bed is designed by Stuart Hughes, a designer based in Liverpool, in collaboration with Hebanon by Fratelli Basile Interiors of Nocera Superiore.

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Proper Headboard Placements

Most people think of the headboard the least when it comes to choosing the best beds to sleep on. I know of some couples who have beds without headboards and personally, I cannot be comfortable with those. Having a headboard to me is essential because that small part of the bed serves as a resting spot where I can prop a pillow while reading book or watching TV.

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5 Ideas for Decorating the Space Above the Bed

If you’re bed is set against a big wall, you can make use of that bare space to decorate your bedroom with something interesting.

1) A graphic artwork, such as this photo below, will draw attention to this space. It makes the bed the focal point of the room.

2) If you can’t commission a good artist to make artwork, hang a nice poster size painting or mural on the wall. You can pick from anything — a picture of nature, pop art, a poster from your favorite movie. This gives your bedroom its personality as it reflects your style and preference.

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Customize Your Ikea Furniture With Mykea

While Ikea is affordable and typically the go-to store for couples and small families building their new homes and starting out, there are those who prefer to shop for furniture elsewhere because Ikea is just too basic and too common. It doesn’t have that personal touch, in other words.

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For Christmas, I’m Getting A Bedroom Corner Makeover!

One of the presents I got from the husband this year is a make-over of my bedroom corner. He’s volunteered to make my space a lot more organized and structured, seeing as how I keep many of our junk in there (including his!).  It’s been piling up and I need more shelves and storage space. So, I’m looking into some design ideas for how I want my corner to look and if the hubs can actually do this himself.

Screen shot 2010-12-19 at 8.00.36 AM

Bed Considerations Using Feng Shui for New Year’s

The quality of the bed and mattress used is one of important facets to decorating the bedroom when following Feng Shui tips. This is supposed to be for luck and prosperity.

And  as the old year closes, welcome the start of 2011 with a fresh look in the bedroom by first assessing your bedding situation.

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