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Bedding With Digital Prints

This soft duvet cover may be straightforward and simple. The only thing that stands out is that dog that’s sleeping on top of it. Pets make beds messy, but not this dog, who actually has a name — Bob.

Bob will leave paw prints, stinky dog smell and dog fur on the bed. And he will be sleeping on this all the time. It’s because Bob is a digitally printed dog, and even with multiple washings, this print won’t fade away.

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Stylish Bamboo Bedding From Acacia

Few people have already sworn by how cool bamboo bedding is and I’ve seen this lovely and fashionable bedding design from Acacia.

I absolutely love the colors of this set. And I also like the rivets on the surface. It gives it texture and style.

It keeps warm sleepers cool and cool sleepers warm. Lightweight, silky-soft, breathable, and antibacterial, it wicks away moisture and gets softer with each washing. How perfect is that? Coverlet, shams, sheets, and cases are all 100% rayon from bamboo. Coverlet is quilted on both sides; sham is quilted on one side, reverses to sheeting fabric. Available in Hemp, Soft Blue, White, Sable, Copper, Ivory, Silver, Lotus, Grass Green, and Sea Glass. Imported.

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Why It’s Better To Use Organic Bedding For Babies

The coming of a new baby demands a lot of preparation time. And as far as bedding is concerned, parents need to gather information about the product first before purchasing anything. This decision is just as important as any other decisions to make for the baby’s well-being. Providing proper bedding for your child prevents a lot of sickness and accidents, including infant death.

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Organic Fitted Crib Sheets

100% Organic Cotton Crib Sheets come in Percale White, Percale Ivory and Natural Flannel. The Percale Ivory and Natural Flannel Fitted Crib Sheets are natural and undyed; the Percale White Fitted Crib Sheet is safely whitened using only hydrogen peroxide.